All-Ukrainian Detective Agency ULTIMA RATIO

All-Ukrainian Detective Agency ULTIMA RATIO
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Detective Agency of Ukraine is a professional team with decades of experience in law enforcement. The agency operates throughout Ukraine.

services to organizations:

- market research, information gathering for business negotiations, identification of insolvent or unreliable business partners;

- uncovering the misuse of brand names and names in business activities, unfair competition, and disclosure of commercial secret;

- search for property, lost by citizens or enterprises, institutions, organizations;

- making internal fraud investigations, facts of unlawful diversion of company's funds;

- collection of information on criminal offenses on a contractual basis with the participants of the process;

- collection of information on civil cases on a contractual basis with the participants of the process;

- search for a person who is a debtor in accordance with the writ of execution, his property, as well as search for a child on the basis of the writ of execution containing the requirement to take the child away on a contract basis with the recoverer;

- assistance to foreign companies in the search for business partners, suppliers on the territory of Ukraine corresponding to the requirements of the customer;

- assistance to foreign companies, their legal services in disputes with the border service of Ukraine in the process of export-import operations across the state border of Ukraine;

- lie detector testing of employees;

- other services.

services to private persons:

- verification of the personal information on the dating websites and marriage agencies, marital status;

- services related to the exposure of extramarital affairs;

- assistance in the revival of lost family ties, genealogy;

- search for data of burial places, people who died in the Great Patriotic War;

- private detective services for transactions with vehicles, real estate;

- search of the life style of your children during their stay on the territory of Ukraine;

- other services.

Our goal is efficient delivery of professional detective services in Ukrainian market, privacy in solving any problems guaranteed.


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