A place for real gentlemen - New Orleans

A place for real gentlemen - New Orleans
Katarzyna Filip
Miasto: Warszawa
Był online: 12 gru 2018
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Zamieszczono: 12 mar 2018

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Real men love class and luxury. We give you the best conditions for relaxation: a club filled with beautiful and eloquent women, amazing interiors, excellent cuisine and private rooms for more intimate talks.

Our night club in center of Warsaw is a perfect place for a discreet corporate event and exciting night with your coworkers. Our interiors provide an atmosphere of luxury, intimacy and sensuality. Perfect place for real gentlemen.

In New Orelans you will expercience multidimensional pleause. We know the real gentlemen’s needs. Beautiful intelligent women, the best food and perfectly equipped bar in a prestigious, elegant place. Yes, this is definetly what heaven looks like.